29 Nov

Startup Tales at StartupXchange

Excitement is in the air! Our passionate founder, Mr Krishnamani Kannan, is today at the heart of entrepreneurial innovation by Marwari Catalysts at the Rajasthan International Centre, Jaipur.

November 4th has arrived, and with it, the vibrant gathering of the startup universe. As the event unfolds, over 4,000 participants, unicorn founders, and soonicorn visionaries are converging, along with more than 500 angel investors eager to fuel the next big idea.

Joining forces with Krishnamani are the dynamic Mr. Ananda Kumar from Kaizen Venture Studio, Dubai and the visionary Mr. Sumit Srivastawa of Startup Chaupal® – An Integrated Platform for Startups, to name just a few of the trailblazers in attendance.

 Special Panel Alert: Don’t miss Krishnamani Kannan in the limelight during the panel discussion on “Global Investment Landscape: Attracting the Foreign Capital to India”. Join him and other esteemed panellists Anshuman Singh, Raffles Chang, Varun Sakhija, and moderator Neha Sharma for an insightful dialogue on channelling foreign investment into India’s thriving markets.

At Startup Tales, we’re all about crafting success stories through collaboration and innovation. Today, hashtag#StartupXchange is not just an event; it’s our canvas to paint the future of startups. With over 100 influential speakers and 110+ ecosystem partners, plus a showcase of 50+ groundbreaking demos, the potential for synergy is limitless.

The moment is now! Don’t miss out on the live-action. Tune in to our updates, engage with the disruptors, and immerse in the extraordinary tales of tomorrow as they unfold.

We’re at Rajasthan’s biggest startup confluence – and it’s only just begun!

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