29 Nov

Startup Tales Met With Mr. Madhu

In our constant pursuit of innovation and community upliftment, we’ve crossed paths with many inspiring figures.

One such momentous meeting was when our esteemed founder, Mr. Krishnamani Kannan, met Mr. Rtn. Madhu G N at the Aarambh event at SRM University.

Mr. Madhu, the Chief Growth and Investment Officer at Garuda Aerospace, brings to the table a vast reservoir of knowledge in investments and growth.

While sharing the vision and mission of Startup Tales, it became evident that Mr. Madhu, too, harboured a deep-seated desire to give back to the startup ecosystem. The alignment of our goals was uncanny.

The conversations that started out of curiosity soon morphed into a shared dream, and post our Delhi event, we are exhilarated to announce that we’ve successfully onboarded Mr. Madhu as our Investment Advisor.

His unparalleled expertise in investments, scalability, and business growth will undeniably steer Startup Tales towards unparalleled horizons.

Joining hands with such a visionary is not just an achievement but a testament to our collective dream.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Madhu! The future at Startup Tales looks even more promising with you on our team,

A massive shoutout to our indefatigable core team – Nagarajan T, Arun Kumar, and Rakapan Lekshmanan. Their dedication and commitment are the foundation upon which Startup Tales stands tall.

We believe that, united, the sky is just the beginning!

And to all our followers, stay tuned for more growth, milestones, and exciting updates from our journey.

They say when your mission is genuine, the universe conspires to connect you with the right people. Our journey at Startup Tales is a testament to this belief.

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