29 Nov

Startup Tales South India Pitchfest 3.0

A Resounding Success! South India Pitchfest 3.0!

Thank you to everyone who made the South India Pitchfest 3.0 an outstanding triumph! We at Startup Tales are elated with the response, insights, and innovation that graced the event.

A special shoutout to our prodigious Special Keynote Speaker, Hasini LakshmiNarayanan. At such a young age, her story, commitment to nurturing young minds, and dedication to platforms like ‘The First Step’ have been nothing short of inspiring. Her presence illuminated the essence of the event, emphasizing the power of young dynamism in entrepreneurship.

We were also privileged to have Mr. Sathish Ramalingam, Co-Founder & CEO of the eAuditor Office, as our Esteemed Guest of Honor. His deep insights into the audit and accounting sector, coupled with his passion for entrepreneurship, set the tone for enlightening discussions and sessions.

The South India Pitchfest 3.0 wasn’t just about innovative ideas and insightful discussions, it was also a testament to the soaring spirits of women entrepreneurs who graced our stage.

We witnessed a plethora of inspiring women who are trailblazing their way through the entrepreneurial realm.

Every story shared, every question posed, and every innovative idea discussed reinforced our belief – stories indeed shape futures. The stories we heard at Pitchfest have the potential to shape the entrepreneurial landscape of South India and beyond.

Kudos to all the women entrepreneurs who pitched at the event, paving the way for countless others to dream and achieve! We’re looking forward to hearing more success stories and cheering for the unstoppable spirit of women in entrepreneurship.

A big thank You to our panellist, We’re immensely grateful to our founder, Mr. Krishnamani Kannan, Mr. Rtn. Madhu G N from Garuda Aerospace, and Mr. Sathish Ramalingam of eAuditor Office for their invaluable insights and support during South India Pitchfest 3.0. Your contribution to the startup community is unparalleled!

Stay tuned for more insights, highlights, and snippets from the event. And if you missed out this time, worry not! We have more exciting events lined up for the future.

Together, let’s continue to celebrate innovation, determination, and the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship.

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