28 Nov

Startup Tales: Unveiling a New Chapter in Global Entrepreneurship

At the Hyatt Regency Chennai, Startup Tales marked its grand beginning under the esteemed presence of Mr Sivarajah Ramanathan, Mission Director & CEO of StartupTN.

Our aim is clear and simple:
Unravel the mesmerizing tales of budding entrepreneurs and bridge the connection to business luminaries in Singapore and Dubai.

Tamil Nadu, a land of rich culture and innovation, is now ready to tell its stories on a global stage. And we, at Startup Tales, are set to be the narrators.

The event saw a vibrant confluence of ideas, knowledge-sharing sessions. From potential investment insights from domain experts of Singapore and Dubai to a glimpse into our heart-driven video content strategy, the atmosphere was electric.

Our founder, Mr Krishnamani Kannan, shared his vision, “Every startup is a narrative waiting to be shared. Startup Tales is here to give that narrative the global stage it deserves.” The sentiment was echoed by our co-founder, Mr Ananda Kumar, emphasizing the unlimited potential of Tamil Nadu’s startup landscape.

A big shoutout to Mr. Arun Kumar, Mr. Rakapan Lekshmanan and their exceptional team for steering the operations of Startup Tales with unmatched enthusiasm.

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